Premium Comfort Knee Support

This new knee support was designed from the ground up to offer two things. Firstly, to reduce your pain and secondly, to be comfortable.

Pain Reduction
Fast and effective pain relief is provided by gentle yet even compression to the knee and surrounding areas. The premium materials also help to keep the knee at a reasonable temperature helping further with both recovery and pain reduction.

Supremely Comfortable
Most knee supports are comfortable for the first five minutes but after that can become quite irritating. We have worked hard to design a knee support that remains comfortable even when worn all day. Our knee supports are made from premium materials which were designed to shape themselves around your knee and surrounding areas, this means there are no tight areas to reduce your comfort.

Dual Anti-Roll / Anti-Slip Bands
This new knee support includes two Anti-Roll / Anti-Slip Bands, one at the top and another at the bottom. The top band help to stop the support from rolling and slipping down the leg. The one at the bottom helps to reduce bunching behind the knee.

  • Fast and effective pain relief.
  • Supremely comfortable and soothing.
  • Resistance to rolling / slipping down.
  • Resistance to bunching behind the knee.
  • Longer to aid comfort.
  • Washable.
  • Gentle on your skin.


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Lastrap >> Comfort Knee Support with Dual Anti-Roll / Anti-Slip Bands
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with Dual Anti-Roll / Anti-Slip Bands

knee support
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    XL XXL  
GBP £14.00
Inc. free 1st Class P&P
USD $19.00
Inc. free International P&P
EUR €16.00
Inc. free International P&P
Only available in XL and XXL
XL 19.5 – 25.5 inches / 48 - 65 cms
XXL 26 – 31 inches / 66 - 79 cms
Simply measure the circumference around your mid thigh - approximately 6" above the knee.
Still supremely comfortable and gentle on the skin but now with extra resistance to rolling and slipping down and bunching behind the knee.
Ankle Support | Elbow Support | Comfort Knee | Lightweight Knee | SuperSoft Elbow
Anti-Roll / Anti-Slip Band