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Premium SuperSoft Elbow Support Premium SuperSoft Elbow Support

Our Comfeel Elbow Support provides a good level of even compression,  support and warmth to the forearm and the elbow area. It was  specifically designed to remedy pain,  stiffness and inflammation that  is generally associated with old age,  sports injury, arthritis, etc.

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Lastrap Tennis Elbow support. Lastrap Elbow Support with Thermovibe pad

This is the renowned Lastrap Tennis Elbow Support with Thermovibe gel
pad that has been recommended by medical professionals through out the
Americas for the last ten years. It offers fast and
effective pain relief and significantly reduces recovery times from
issues such as from
tennis elbow and golfers elbow. It does this by utilising our patented  Thermovibe pad. This gel filled pad dramatically reduces the amount of damaging microscopic vibrations that are absorbed by your elbow quickly reducing pain and allowing your body to recover in a far shorter time  frame. It also helps to keep the components of the elbow from getting  too cold helping to prevent further injury. We are now the only supplier of these renowned elbow supports.

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