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Lastrap Elbow Support with Thermovibe pad
Lastrap Tennis Elbow support.
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The Lastrap Tennis Elbow Support provides fast and effective pain relief for Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow. It does this by utilising our Thermovibe pad. This gel filled pad significantly reduces the amount of damaging microscopic vibrations and shocks that are absorbed by the components of the elbow which quickly reduces pain and allows your body to recover in a far shorter time frame. The Thermovibe pad also absorbs heat from your body then gently and consistently releases it helping to keep the elbow from getting too hot or cold which goes a long way in preventing further injury. We are now the only supplier of these renowned elbow supports.

Sizes: Please measure around the largest part of your forearm with your arm straight.

Small : to 10.5" / to 27 cms
Medium : 10.5 - 11.5" / 27 - 29 cms
Large : 11.5 - 13" / 29 - 34 cms
X-Large : 13 - 14.5" / 34 - 37 cms