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Lastrap Ankle Support with COOL / WARM Pad
Lastrap Ankle Support with Cool Warm Pad
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Lastrap Ankle Support (with Thermovibe Cool / Warm Pad)

This is the renowned Lastrap Ankle Support with Thermovibe Cool Pad. This ankle support provides excellent pain relief in 4 ways. The first is by applying gentle compression to the area. The second is by supporting the ankle, the third is by helping to cool or warm the area and the forth is by reducing the amount of microscopic vibrations that are absorbed by the ankle.

Gentle Compression - Due to the flexible nature of the three straps that hold the ankle support in place getting a comfortable level of compression is possible with all but the smallest and largest of feet.

Flexible Support - The flexible strapping system and soft, premium materials help to provide an excellent, yet incredibly comfortable, level of support. The Lastrap Ankle Support provides a good balance between supporting the ankle and allowing a good range of movement.

Temperature - Thermovibe Cool / Warm Pad - The special Thermovibe Cool Pad can be used in two ways:

  • Frozen (2 hours in the freezer) - The Thermovibe Cool Pad can be frozen in the freezer for two hours. Then simply put it into the support next to the affected area. If the Thermovibe Pad is being used Frozen you must wear the support over a sock.

  • Gentle Warmth (simply use without freezing) - The Thermovibe Pad can be used 'as is' without freezing or cooling in any way. Simply put it into the support next to the affected area. The pad then gently warms up by absorbing the heat from your body, then slowly and evenly dissipates it providing a soothing effect which helps to reduce the pain. The Support can be worn without socks or over a sock if desired.

The ingredients inside the Thermovibe Cool Pad has been designed to remain flexible even when frozen in a freezer. This allows the pad to mould itself to the shape of whatever part of the ankle it happens to be sitting next to even when frozen.

Reduction in Microscopic Vibrations - If you could look at the components of a painful ankle with a powerful microscope you would find lots of tiny rips in the muscles and ligaments. These tiny rips are caused by powerful yet microscopic vibrations being absorbed by the components of your ankle. Our Thermovibe pad absorbs many of these vibrations significantly reducing the amount that are absorbed by your ankle. This helps to reduce the pain and allows your body to repair itself even whilst you continue with your active life.

What does all this mean? - The combination of the above 4 elements produce an ankle support that simply does its job. Over the last twelve years it's become renowned in its field, starting in Canada, then progressing into America and now Europe. The Lastrap Ankle Support is a product that has been evolving over time. We listen intently to our customers and make changes where necessary. This continual evolutionary process is what has produced the Lastrap Ankle Support as you see it today.

Can it be worn in shoes? - The Lastrap Ankle Support obviously does take up some space but is slim enough to be worn in most looser fitting shoes like trainers and slippers.

Size and Measuring - Our Lastrap Ankle Support is a ONE SIZE FITS ALMOST ALL product, is for EITHER FOOT and is UNISEX.

  • One size fits almost all
  • Our supports are for either foot and are unisex