Lastrap - Sports Injuries and Support
We provide the best products, the best service, a money back guarantee and prices that mean great value for money. I think that just about sums up this family run business. We simply put all our efforts into doing it right. Please click on the products below for more information or to make a purchase.
ankle support
Renowned, supremely comfortable and highly flexible, the Lastrap Ankle Support is an excellent choice for Achilles tendon issues and sprains.
£19.99 inc. 1st Class P&P
ice pack / heat pad
Ice Pack / Heat Pad
No longer available. sorry. :(
knee support
Beautifully soft and supremely comfortable, nothing comes close for long term pain relief. Great for arthritic pain or tired knees / weak knees.
£11.99 inc. 1st Class P&P
elbow support
With even compression and SuperSoft materials, this support provides fast and effective pain relief whilst remaining comfortable.
£9.99 inc. 1st Class P&P
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